Winters Heating and Cooling Donates HVAC System to Vietnam Vet in Indianapolis, Showcasing Community-Focused Repair Services

Friday, June 21, 2024 at 4:00pm UTC

Winters Heating and Cooling recently contributed to the local community by donating a complete Lennox brand HVAC system to Jerry Parson, a Vietnam War Purple Heart recipient. This action is part of their ongoing mission to support veterans living in the Indianapolis area, aligning with their goals related to HVAC Repair Indianapolis.

This donation is part of an initiative to thank veterans for their service and show gratitude. Jerry Parson, who has been part of the Indianapolis community for years, will benefit from the new HVAC system in terms of comfort and well-being. The gift includes both the heating and cooling parts of the system.

Chuck Kruger, CEO of Winters Heating and Cooling, said, “Supporting veterans who have risked their lives for our country is something we take very seriously. We hope this new HVAC system will bring comfort to Jerry Parson and serve as a small token of our appreciation for his sacrifices.”

Located in Indiana, Winters Heating and Cooling offers a range of services including furnace and air conditioning services, duct cleaning, indoor air quality solutions, and dryer vent cleaning. They also have a maintenance program called Comfort Club, which gives members benefits like discounted repairs, priority scheduling, extended warranties, and annual inspections. These services help establish a strong presence in HVAC Repair Indianapolis.

Focusing on veterans is not new for Winters Heating and Cooling. The company has been involved in several other initiatives aimed at helping veterans in the community. Donations like the one to Jerry Parson reflect their broader goals of community support and engagement.

Apart from their charitable initiatives, Winters Heating and Cooling is dedicated to providing quality services in the HVAC sector. They handle everything from furnace repair and installation to air conditioning maintenance, ensuring that homes stay comfortable year-round. The company also offers services to improve indoor air quality, such as installing air filtration systems, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers.

Duct cleaning is another important service offered by the company. Regular duct cleaning can significantly improve indoor air quality and system efficiency. It reduces allergens and pollutants inside homes, contributing to a healthier living environment.

They also provide dryer vent cleaning services. This helps prevent potential fire hazards and makes dryers work more efficiently, making homes safer for residents.

Another standout service is the Comfort Club, a comprehensive maintenance program designed to keep HVAC systems in top condition. Comfort Club members receive benefits like discounted repairs, priority scheduling, and annual inspections. These advantages are valuable for maintaining the longevity and efficiency of HVAC systems.

The company’s efforts to support the veteran community have been well-received. Veterans in the Indianapolis area have gained from the company’s initiatives, whether through direct donations like the HVAC system for Jerry Parson or other forms of community support.

Chuck Kruger added, “Our commitment to veterans goes beyond words; it is demonstrated through our actions. We're proud to be part of the Indianapolis community and aim to give back in any way we can.”

For homeowners needing HVAC services, Winters Heating and Cooling offers a variety of reliable and efficient options. Their team of trained technicians can diagnose and fix issues with heating and cooling systems, ensuring homes stay comfortable no matter the season. This is especially important for those looking for HVAC Repair Indianapolis.

The company also provides a wide range of HVAC products, including air conditioners, heating systems, heat pumps, mini-split systems, geothermal systems, and thermostats. This variety ensures customers can find the best solutions for their specific needs.

Winters Heating and Cooling is notable for their 24/7 emergency service and flexible financing options, subject to credit approval. These services provide added convenience and peace of mind for residents needing immediate help or budgeting flexibility.

Winters Heating and Cooling’s recent donation to Vietnam War veteran Jerry Parson highlights their dedication to community support. Their ongoing commitment to veterans, along with a comprehensive range of HVAC services, makes them a trusted provider in the area.

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