Comprehensive Transfer Pricing Documentation Services by CGO Legal

Friday, June 21, 2024 at 3:39pm UTC

CGO Legal Chajdas Gawlak Owczarek sp.k. is a leading business law firm in Poland specializing in commercial law and tax law, offering top-quality legal consulting services. Known for its expertise in corporate law, CGO Legal supports both domestic and international enterprises in navigating the Polish economic landscape. The firm's comprehensive suite of services includes company and branch registration, ongoing legal and compliance support, and specialized tax advisory services, including transfer pricing documentation.

Transfer pricing refers to the terms applied to transactions between related entities. This practice is essential in determining the financial outcomes of such transactions and ensuring the competitiveness of a corporate group. CGO Legal’s tax department is adept at handling all aspects of transfer pricing, ensuring that clients comply with Polish regulations and optimize their tax positions.

Transfer pricing (Pol.: ceny transferowe) involves setting prices for goods, services, and intangible assets exchanged between related entities within a corporate group. Related entities are those connected through control, management, or capital participation. The main functions of transfer pricing include minimizing tax risk, optimizing income distribution, managing internal group activities, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Polish regulations mandate that related entities prepare transfer pricing documentation (Pol.: dokumentacja cen transferowych) to demonstrate that their pricing terms align with market conditions. This documentation is required for homogeneous controlled transactions exceeding PLN 10 million for goods and financial transactions, or PLN 2 million for service transactions within a fiscal year.

Transfer pricing documentation is crucial for related entities to show that their transactions are conducted on arm's length terms, comparable to those between unrelated parties. This requirement helps prevent income shifting for tax optimization purposes, which could lead to tax adjustments by authorities. CGO Legal assists clients in preparing thorough and accurate documentation, including essential elements such as financial results, transaction conditions, and market comparisons.

CGO Legal’s transfer pricing services encompass all aspects of compliance and optimization. The firm assists clients in understanding and applying the arm's length principle, preparing comprehensive documentation, and managing interactions with tax authorities. The team ensures that all transfer pricing documentation is prepared electronically and submitted within the required deadlines, typically by the end of the tenth month following the fiscal year.

The firm’s approach to transfer pricing includes analyzing the financial impact of inter-company transactions, preparing necessary documentation, and ensuring compliance with both Polish laws and international guidelines, such as those provided by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

CGO Legal stands out for its commitment to transparency, efficiency, and client-focused solutions. The firm’s extensive experience in Polish corporate law and transfer pricing regulations positions it as a premier partner for businesses looking to ensure compliance and optimize their tax strategies. Entrepreneurs and companies contemplating prospects in Poland are encouraged to connect with CGO Legal to leverage its expertise in corporate law and tax advisory services.

For further information on the range of services offered by CGO Legal, including transfer pricing documentation and tax advisory, please visit the CGO Legal website. By choosing CGO Legal, clients gain access to expert legal advice, personalized support, and a comprehensive approach to managing the complexities of transfer pricing and other corporate legal matters.


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